Patient Corner

Patient Corner

When it comes to our health, we all deserve to receive efficient medical treatment that doesn’t burn a hole in our back pockets. For many of us that means that we need to plan ahead and join a medical scheme.

We often accept the first, best and most affordable medical aid for our families, trusting that whichever scheme we signed up with will support and protect us in our day of need. And sometimes…. We still receive medical bills afterwards that we weren’t prepared for.

Here at Jomedico we understand that there is a large portion of medical aid members that doesn’t necessarily understand the rules and guidelines of their membership. They also don’t know their rights as a South African Citizen and the provisions that are made for us in case of emergencies.

For a minimal fee we will assess your account and dispute the claim further with your medical aid if the correct criteria is met.

We also offer advice in order for you to avoid getting stuck with large accounts when you least expect it.

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